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Every Genesys customer must identify at least two contacts. These people will be given special permissions to interact with Product Support on behalf of their organization. Product Support calls them Designated Contacts. They are the only customer contacts permitted to open and manage support cases and service requests. Using Designated Contacts safeguards the security of data and ensures we provide service and information about your account to contacts that should be representing your company. Assigning Designated Contacts to work with Product Support also assists us in making sure that your contacts understand how to work with Product Support effectively and are informed of critical Product Support information.

Though Designated Contacts are the only individuals in their organization that may open and manage cases and service requests, other members of the organization may gain "read-only" access in order to view existing cases. More information can be found in My Support Access Levels.

NOTE: For resolution of Critical (Severity Level 1) issues, a Designated Contact must be available at all times to work with Product Support.


To be given Designated Contact (read-write) access permissions, contacts must meet these requirements:

  • You acknowledge that you understand the Terms and Conditions for the Product Support Website and My Support. 
  • You must provide an individual corporate email address. Personal email addresses and aliases are not accepted.
  • You must have access to Genesys My Support and agree to receive notices on My Support. 
  • You are expected to be trained in the products for which you open cases. 
  • You must work for the Support Owner or have approval from the Support Owner. 
  • If all Service Contracts are terminated or closed for all Sold To and End User combinations for which you have access as a Designated Contact, you will lose Designated Contact access. 

Other employees of the Sold To and End User companies on a Service Contract can be granted read-only access to the cases for that contract. These contacts are not considered Designated Contacts.

Become a Designated Contact

If you do not have a login to My Support

  1. Go to Request My Support Account.
  2. Enter your corporate email address, click Submit.
  3. Complete the form on the page that follows, then click Submit.

NOTE: In the Company/Partner Combinations (End User/Sold To) box, enter your Company name, the names of the companies/accounts you manage (if applicable), and corresponding Org IDs. If you need help locating an Org ID, go here. The Portal Admin team will seek approval from your company’s Designated Approver(s). Once approved, you will receive an email from with instructions.

If you do have a login to My Support

You can find instructions on how to request a different level of access in the My Support Access Levels article.

What are the responsibilities of a Designated Contact?

Customer contacts who are granted Designated Contact access permissions with Product Support are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities.

  • Must have a technical understanding of the contact center infrastructure and Cloud Deployment
  • Must be adequately trained to use the Genesys products currently deployed.
  • Must be able to provide an accurate description of the issue reported and its business impact.
  • Must report each issue separately, so issues can be individually tracked to a successful resolution. Reporting multiple issues on one form or adding new issues into correspondence about an existing issue may result in problems being overlooked and not resolved.
  • Must be available to work with a Product Support Analyst to solve your issue.
  • For Critical priority issues, a Designated Contact must be available at all times to work with Product Support in resolving the issue.
  • When a Product Support Analyst requests information or provides recommend actions to solve an issue, the Designated Contact’s time to respond is to be aligned with priority for that Case.
  • During investigation of a Case, if Genesys requests remote access to view the Genesys products in your environment through commercially available, customer-controlled, screen sharing software, the Designated Contact must ensure that you follow your company's data privacy guidelines when sharing a remote view of your network with Genesys.
  • Agrees to stay current on Product Support processes and other news, including receiving and reading Genesys customer newsletters and Product Support emails as well as notices on My Support.

  1. Go to Manage Profile > Open Admin Case.
  2. Complete the details for the admin case. 
  3. Click Save

My Support functions for each level of access

Levels of access are listed below from least amount of access to most. In each subsequent level after Basic, new access permissions are in bold type.


  • Log into My Support Portal
  • Register and attend live Tech Tutorials
  • View and download recorded Tech Tutorials
  • Search, view and download Knowledge Base content


  • Log into My Support Portal
  • Register and attend live Tech Tutorials
  • View and download recorded Tech Tutorials
  • Search, view and download Knowledge Base content
  • View existing Cases

Read-Write (Designated Contact)

  • Log into My Support Portal
  • Register and attend live Tech Tutorials
  • View and download recorded Tech Tutorials
  • Search, view and download Knowledge Base content
  • View existing Cases
  • Create new Cases, modify existing Cases, submit Feature Requests
  • Download software and order controlled software

Request a My Support Account

If you do not currently have an account on the My Support Portal, see Create a My Support Account for instructions on how to request one.

Request a different level of access

NOTE: If you are a member of an organization that has purchased Genesys products from one of our Genesys Partners, then your Designated Contact is a member of that Partner organization. However, you can still request Read-Only access using the process below. For more information on this, see: How a Genesys Partner Serves as Designated Contact for Their Customers.

  1. Login to the My Support Portal.
  2. Click the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner.
  3. Click the Manage Profile link then My Support Access.
  4. Complete and submit the form.

    NOTE: If you are a member of a Genesys Partner organization and you are requesting Designated Contact status for one of your customers, in the Company/Partner Combinations (End User/Sold To) box, enter your Company name, the names of the companies/accounts you manage (if applicable), and corresponding Org IDs. If you need help locating an Org ID, go here. The Portal Admin team will seek approval from your company’s Designated Approver(s). Once approved, you will receive an email from with instructions.
  5. Please allow 48 hours or 2 business days for Product Support to process the request.
  6. A Product Support Admin may contact you by phone or email to obtain additional information.

  1. Navigate to: 
  2. Click the GET STARTED tab. 
  3. Click the Request My Support Account button. 
  4. You will be asked to supply your corporate email address. 
  5. There are three levels of access, Basic, Read-Only, and Read-Write (Designated Contact). You will be asked to specify which level of access you are requesting. If you are not certain which level of access is appropriate for your role, see My Support Access Levels.

When you select Cases from the Home Screen or ≡ Menu of the Genesys Care Mobile App, you will see a list of your non-closed cases, including cases opened by other Designated Contacts at your company, and be able to perform other functions.

The following are the different functions that you can perform from the Cases window.

Designated Contacts and case management

  1. From the Cases screen, Designated Contacts should select Show Only My Cases toggle to view cases they have opened.
    • By default, the list shows all the non-closed company cases.
  2. Once toggled, a popup will be shown to set the My Cases as default landing screen in All Cases tab.
    • If desired, you can opt for this and can be reverted via app Settings.
  3. You can select any case to view the case details including the case Severity Level, Case Number, Case Status, Account Name, Product Support Group, Last Modified Date and Sub-Status.
  4. The case list is populated in priority categories as Critical, High, Medium and Low.
  5. The cases that are in Awaiting Info and Solution Proposed status that exceeded 24 hours without response will be highlighted in order to denote that user needs to take some action on those cases.

Using the Case List screen

Filter your cases

  1. Tap  More options > Filter Cases.
  2. Select the filters desired.
  3. Tap Apply.
  4. To reset the filters, tap Clear Filters.
  5. If you are a Designated Contact, the case list view can include all non-closed cases that your company has opened for all the end users your firm represents.

Sort your cases

The Case List also comes with Sort option that sorts the cases based on Priority and Last Modified.

  1. Tap  More options > Sort By.
  2. Select the desired sorting option in the next menu. 


If you want to access some cases frequently to stay on top of them, you can use the Favorites tab to add the cases that you want as favorites.

When the case or Account Name is searched in the search bar, you can favorite the case/account by clicking on the start button present on the right-hand side against the case/account name. When a Case is added to Favorites, the case notifications subscription will be enabled.

Once an account or case is marked as favorite, it will be displayed in the My Favorites section of Account/Cases tab. You can view the case list of Favorited account or case details of Favorited case by clicking on these cards. You can add as many as 20 favorites which includes both Accounts and Cases. If you want to add a new favorite and it has reached a limit of 20, then you must remove one of the existing favorites and then add the new one. The case subject will not be shown for the cases that are GDPR restricted for the user who logs in.

When a Case or an account is removed from Favorites, the case or account notifications subscribed will also be removed. A confirmation popup will be displayed to get the user input, as displayed below.

NOTE: You may see a prompt that No Favorites are Found. The Favorites tab is empty until you begin to favorite cases.

  1. Tap on the global search button and input the case number or the account you would like to favorite.
    • If you are the end user of the Genesys platform, then you can search for your company cases for which you have access to.
    • If you are a partner user, then you can search for an account or company cases for those you have access to.
  2. To add a Favorite, tap  Favorite.
  3. To remove a Favorite, tap  Remove, then tap Remove at the prompt to confirm.

Case details

You can view the details of a case by clicking on the case from the case list. The case list page contains details about the case along with the updates posted on the case. If you need more details on the case, you can click on the Expand (Downward arrow) icon to expand the details section. The bottom of the case details screen has an expandable menu indicated by a downward arrow. It has the below functionalities.

  • Post updates - Post updates to a case
  • Chat – Chat with the owner of the case or any available analyst if the owner is unavailable.
  • Escalation – Request to escalate a case for critical attention
  • Case Closure – Request to close a case.
  • Call - Redirects to the Genesys Contact Us page to choose the appropriate Toll Free numbers.

You can also opt to receive notification specifically on a case by Enabling Notification on the case details screen. Whenever there is an update happening, a notification will be sent to the app.

The email updates on the case updates section will be displayed only with the subject. For viewing the entire email updates, you need to select on More Info option. This will show the entire update in separate modal window.

As a part of General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), the PII data of the EU/EEA customers will not be accessible by Genesys US personnel. When the Genesys US personnel access the Case details screen of EU/EEA customer, the below screen will be displayed to restrict the information. The case related functionalities like Post Update, Chat, Call, Escalation and Closure will not be available for access.

  1. Go to Manage Profile > Manage My Admin Cases
  2. Select one of the pre-defined queries from the drop-down list to view your admin cases (My Non-Closed and My Closed Admin cases). 
  3. From the resulting list, select the Case Number for the admin case you wish to review.  


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(Partner) How a Genesys Partner Serves as Designated Contact for Their Customers

NOTE: For a general overview of Designated Contacts, becoming a Designated Contact, and general responsibilities, see Designated Contacts Overview.

End user teams that Partners manage are not expected to have any level of access to the My Support Portal. Partner teams are the ones expected to handle the support and administration of Genesys products for their customers. As a Genesys Partner, managing individuals access to the My Support Portal works slightly differently, namely through the use of Designated Approvers who control which individuals in your organization may function as Designated Contacts for your various customers. Here is a list of articles that you may find useful:


Overview of the My Support Portal

Only Designated Contacts have access to create, update, close, or re-open a case. Other employees who work for Genesys direct customers, Partners, Resellers, or end users can request Read-Only access to the My Support Portal to view cases opened by Designated Contacts on behalf of their company.

The My Support Portal allows you to:

  • Open and manage your support cases (Designated Contacts only)
  • Search our Knowledge Base and Technical Documentation site
  • Register for and view our Genesys Engage Tech Tutorials
  • Learn about current Product Support news and announcements
  • Access Genesys Care Apps and Tools (Designated Contacts only)