FedRAMP Articles

  1. Login to the My Support Portal.
  2. If any announcements pop-up, click Continue to your Dashboard.
    • A screenshot of the Recent Announcements page in the Support Portal. The Continue to your Dashboard button is highlighted with a teal box.
  3. The Portal will automatically open to your My Support Cases page. From there, click the Data Privacy Request tab in the navigation sidebar.
    • A screenshot of the Support Portal. A large orange arrow points to the Data Privacy Request tab in the navigation sidebar.
  4. Click Open Case.
  5. Complete the form and click the Submit button.

Product Support will redirect the FedRamp customer to the appropriate portal link to create a FedRamp case.

The support case in the non-Fedramp portal will then be closed.

The individual support contact will receive an email to accept the FedRamp Okta and/or credentials. Each contact will need to accept the okta tile within 24 hours or temporary credentials will expire. Once accepted, the FedRamp My Support portal will be given, where their FedRamp PIN will be found, under Manage Profile option.

NOTE: This PIN is required when contacting Product Support via phone.

The support contact can open an Admin case in FedRamp Salesforce and request individual access or provide a list of individuals who should have access to the second org.

Support contacts can also reach out for help at:

Yes, the support contact will need to take note when logging into the My Support portal to use the appropriate credentials/PIN, as FedRamp credentials/PIN will be different from non-FedRamp credentials/PIN.

Only individuals at Genesys with FedRAMP skill will be able to track ticket numbers.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) will be removed from FedRamp support tickets.

FedRamp orgs are hosted in AWS region US-EAST-2 which is visible on the cloud deployment.

It is also noted in as having offering type: FedRamp

Anyone at Genesys, who has the FedRamp skill (located in the U.S. as a citizen or green card holder)

FedRamp cases are excluded from the mobile app. 

Support contacts are unable to use the mobile app for FedRamp cases, FedRamp orgs, or access the FedRamp My Support Portal.

Cases will arrive to them the same way others do today.

Product Support will see in the script that comes up with the interaction that is flagged as FedRamp so it’s very clear this is for a FedRamp customer.


How do I create a My Support account?
  1. Navigate to: 
  2. Click the GET STARTED tab. 
  3. Click the Request My Support Account button. 
  4. You will be asked to supply your corporate email address. 
  5. You will be asked to specify which level of access you are requesting.
  6. There are three levels of access:
    • Basic
    • Read-Only
    • Read-Write (Designated Contact)
  7. If you are not certain which level of access is appropriate for your role, see My Support Access Levels.
What are the levels of access for the Support Portal?

My Support functions for each level of access

Levels of access are listed below from least amount of access to most. In each subsequent level after Basic, new access permissions are in bold type.


  • Log into My Support Portal
  • Register and attend live Tech Tutorials
  • View and download recorded Tech Tutorials
  • Search, view and download Knowledge Base content


  • Log into My Support Portal
  • Register and attend live Tech Tutorials
  • View and download recorded Tech Tutorials
  • Search, view and download Knowledge Base content
  • View existing Cases

Read-Write (Designated Contact)

  • Log into My Support Portal
  • Register and attend live Tech Tutorials
  • View and download recorded Tech Tutorials
  • Search, view and download Knowledge Base content
  • View existing Cases
  • Create new Cases, modify existing Cases, submit Feature Requests
  • Download software and order controlled software

Request an account

If you do not currently have an account on the My Support Portal, see Create a My Support Account for instructions on how to request one.

Request a different level of access

NOTE: If you are a member of an organization that has purchased Genesys products from one of our Genesys Partners, then your Designated Contact is a member of that Partner organization. However, you can still request Read-Only access using the process below. For more information on this, see: How a Genesys Partner Serves as Designated Contact for Their Customers.

  1. Login to the Support Portal. You will automatically be directed to the My Support Cases page.
  2. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
    • A screenshot of the Support Portal with a large orange arrow pointing to the words, "Welcome back, Matt Ryan."
  3. Click My Support Access from the drop-down menu.
  4. Complete the Request Additional Access form.
    • NOTE: If you are a member of a Genesys Partner organization and you are requesting Designated Contact status for one of your customers, in the Company/Partner Combinations (End User/Sold To) box, enter your Company name, the names of the companies/accounts you manage (if applicable), and corresponding Org IDs. If you need help locating an Org ID, go here. The Portal Admin team will seek approval from your company’s Designated Approver(s). Once approved, you will receive an email from donotreply@genesys.com with instructions.
  5. Click Submit Request.
  6. Please allow 48 hours or 2 business days for Product Support to process the request.
  7. A Product Support Admin may contact you by phone or email to obtain additional information.