FedRAMP Articles

Product Support will redirect the FedRamp customer to the appropriate portal link to create a FedRamp case.

The support case in the non-Fedramp portal will then be closed.

The individual support contact will receive an email to accept the FedRamp Okta and/or credentials. Each contact will need to accept the okta tile within 24 hours or temporary credentials will expire. Once accepted, the FedRamp My Support portal will be given, where their FedRamp PIN will be found, under Manage Profile option.

NOTE: This PIN is required when contacting Product Support via phone.

The support contact can open an Admin case in FedRamp Salesforce and request individual access or provide a list of individuals who should have access to the second org.

Support contacts can also reach out for help at:

Yes, the support contact will need to take note when logging into the My Support portal to use the appropriate credentials/PIN, as FedRamp credentials/PIN will be different from non-FedRamp credentials/PIN.

Only individuals at Genesys with FedRAMP skill will be able to track ticket numbers.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) will be removed from FedRamp support tickets.

FedRamp orgs are hosted in AWS region US-EAST-2 which is visible on the cloud deployment.

It is also noted in as having offering type: FedRamp

Anyone at Genesys, who has the FedRamp skill (located in the U.S. as a citizen or green card holder)

Although in a separate portal, the process of creating and managing a support ticket for FedRAMP is the same as in commercial Product Support portal.

That process can be found in the Genesys Cloud Resource Center, as well as in the support handbooks found at:

NOTE: See also My Support Info Guide

FedRamp cases are excluded from the mobile app. 

Support contacts are unable to use the mobile app for FedRamp cases, FedRamp orgs, or access the FedRamp My Support Portal.

Cases will arrive to them the same way others do today.

Product Support will see in the script that comes up with the interaction that is flagged as FedRamp so it’s very clear this is for a FedRamp customer.


Case Escalation Management Process

This article outlines the process for escalating an open case with customer care, including the criteria a case must meet in order to be escalated, how to submit an Escalation Request through the My Support Portal, and the Escalation Management Process that Customer Care follows once an Escalation Request has been submitted.

Escalation criteria

Note: If a case requires engagement of Development, Cloud Operations or a 3rd party, please understand that it may require additional time to resolve, pending their analysis and findings.

  • There must be an active case for the Escalation
    • Closed Cases: If your case is already closed, the Escalate Case button will not be active. If you need to reopen a case, please do so through the MySupport portal or call into our Care team to request a case reopen.
    • No Case: There must be an existing case open with Genesys Product Support team before it can be escalated.
  • Double-check your case before requesting an Escalation
    • Has there been a recent update to the case that you may have missed?
    • Is Genesys Product Support waiting on additional information from you before they can proceed?
  • Is there already an active Escalation on the case? While multiple escalations can exist on a case, only one can be active at any given moment. If there is an open Escalation on your case already, you will not be able to submit a second until the first is closed.
  • Please do not request an Escalation based on change in urgency/impact. If a case needs to be changed to a higher priority based on a greater need for urgency or broader impact, please call in the request to our care team
  • An Escalation should not be requested for a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) unless Genesys Product Support has had 5 business days for cloud deployments or 7 business days for premise to complete analysis, per our standard Service Level Targets for RCA delivery (listed in your Customer Handbook: – PureConnect Direct Customer, PureConnect Partner Handbook, PureCloud).
  • If a high priority case has not been updated in the last 24 hours and the case is actively causing significant business impact, an Escalation can be requested.
  • Low priority cases are not eligible for escalation, if the impact of a low priority case changes, please request a change to medium through a work note in the case. If a change to high is required, please contact our care team by phone.

How to submit an Escalation Request

  1. From the MySupport portal, select the case you wish to escalate
  2. Navigate to the bottom right-hand corner of the case page and select Escalate Case. (If the Escalate button is disabled, it is most likely due to an already existing and open Escalation. See Escalation Criteria section for more info on multiple Escalations..)

    Screenshot of a case record in the My Support Portal. Escalate Case button is highlighted.
  3. A new window will open, displaying the Escalate Case form. There are two main fields:
    • Reason: Select the reason for the Escalation. Once a reason is selected, you may be prompted for additional information.
    • Escalation Details: This may include any initial notes which the Escalation Owner may need.
  4. Once the form is completed, click Escalate Case.
  5. Once the case has been escalated, a time stamp will appear within the case, and a banner will pop-up across your screen, confirming the Escalation has been created.

Escalation management process

  1. Customer or Partner submits an Escalation Request. 
  2. Escalation Owner reviews request and determines if it meets the Escalation Criteria
  3. Escalation Owner replies to request with next steps. If the Escalation Request is invalid, the Escalation Owner will provide reasons why and provide process information to the requestor.
  4. If Escalation request is valid, the Escalation Owner assesses the situation, prioritizes the Escalation by importance and urgency, and works with the engineer(s) to set expectations regarding next steps.
  5. Escalation Owner updates the case with all additional external communications with the customer or partner, regarding the Escalation.

Communicate directly with Escalation Owner

You can communicate directly with the Owner of the Escalation from the Escalation Feed section on the case. There will now be two feed sections on the case. 

  • The Case Feed will capture the technical aspects of the case. 
  • The Escalation Feed will capture the communication flow of the Case Escalation.

Please be mindful of the type of update you are sending and use the appropriate feed section for your update.

Additional training

If you would like to learn more about the new Escalation Management Process, you can access our training here: https://rise.articulate.com/share/0N9zbnlzRL2HDa9AGu9rm1Yw5BOZnBNI using the password: Genesys2022.

Overview of the My Support Portal

Only Designated Contacts have access to create, update, close, or re-open a case. Other employees who work for Genesys direct customers, Partners, Resellers, or end users can request Read-Only access to the My Support Portal to view cases opened by Designated Contacts on behalf of their company.

The My Support Portal allows you to:

  • Open and manage your support cases (Designated Contacts only)
  • Search our Knowledge Base and Technical Documentation site
  • Register for and view our Genesys Engage Tech Tutorials
  • Learn about current Product Support news and announcements
  • Access Genesys Care Apps and Tools (Designated Contacts only)