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If a case submitted to Product Support needs the engagement of Development, Cloud Operations, or a 3rd party, it may need more time to resolve pending their analysis and findings.

Criteria for additional help

The following criteria must be met for an escalation request to be approved.

  1. There must be an active case. There must be an existing case open before additional help can be requested. 
  2. Double-check the case. Has there been a recent update to the case that you may have missed? Is Product Support waiting on more information from you before they can proceed?
  3. Additional help should not be requested for RCA (Root Cause Analysis) for Cloud Platform outages unless Product Support has had 5 business days to complete analysis for cloud deployments, per our standard Service Level Targets for RCA delivery. See PureConnect Direct Customer HandbookPureConnect Partner Handbook, or Cloud CX Handbook.
    • NOTE - After service is restored for severity 1 platform-level incidents, Genesys strives to provide a comprehensive RCA document to affected customers within five (5) business days.
  4. Additional help for high-priority cases need 24 hours since their last update, and the issue is actively causing significant business impact.
  5. Low-priority cases are not eligible for additional help.
    • To change a case to medium-priority, request the change in the work notes.
    • To change a case to high-priority, contact Product Support.


Critical commercial issues (non-FedRAMP)

Critical issues, like production down, may need management attention. The support expert assigned to your case will engage a Product Support Manager.

IMPORTANT - Do not request assistance for urgent issues via email, chat, or web as it leads to a delayed response in resolving your issue.

  1. Contact Product Support.

Non-critical commercial issues (non-FedRAMP)

  1. From the Support Portal portal, select a case.
  2. In the lower right of the case page, click Additional Help.
    • A screenshot of a case in the Support Portal. A large orange arrow points to the Additional Help button.
  3. If the Additional Help button is unavailable, an open request likely exists for the case.
    • A close up screenshot of a portion of a case in the Support Portal. The Escalate button is grayed out and there is an explanation displayed after it, explaining that the case cannot be escalated because it is a low priority case.

Management process

  1. Customer or Partner requests Additional Help.
  2. If an Escalation is generated - the Escalation Owner reviews the request and determines if it meets the Escalation Criteria.
  3. On January 18, 2024 the following improvements will be available:
    1. If Reason: Urgency/Impact has Changed - This will also result in a notification to the Case Owner for review.
    2. If Reason: Request a Case Update - This will result in a notification to the Case Owner for review.
  4. If an escalation is generated - The Escalation Owner replies to the request with next steps.
    • NOTE - If the Request is invalid, the Escalation Owner will give reasons why and give process information to the requestor.
  5. If an additional help request is valid, the Escalation Owner evaluates the situation, prioritizes the request by importance and urgency, and works with the engineers to set expectations regarding next steps.
  6. Escalation Owner updates the case with all more external communications with the customer or partner regarding the request.

Communicate directly with an Escalation Owner (Non-FedRAMP only)

Once a non-FedRAMP case is escalated, you can communicate directly with the Owner of the escalation from the Escalation Details tab on a case. The Case Details captures the technical aspects of the case while the Escalation Detailscaptures the communication flow of the escalation.

IMPORTANT - Be sure to use the appropriate feed for your updates.

A closeup of a case in the Support Portal. The Escalation Details tab is highlighted with a large navy mouse cursor, indicating that you should click that tab.


FedRAMP Cloud CX & Engage cases

FedRAMP cases can be escalated via the Support Portal site once they have been assigned.

  1. From the FedRAMP Support Portal, select a case.
  2. In the lower right of the case page, click Escalate Case.
    • NOTE - If the Escalate Case button is unavailable, an open escalation likely exists for the case.


Genesys support offerings, also known as Genesys Care, are focused on your support experience through a global, live answer, 7X24 support model. Support is provided in accordance with the terms and conditions defined in the Genesys Master Software Licensing and Services Agreement ("Agreement") you have executed, as well as terms defined in this document and commonly recognized in the technology industry. Genesys offers three core support levels: Business CareBusiness Care Plus and Premium Care. Optional support add-ons, called Flex Care, are also available. With these support levels, you can tailor the level of support you need to put the power of your Genesys solutions to work for you. '

Feature Description Business Care Business Care Plus Premium Care Flex Care
Software updates & upgrades Provides access to all Genesys software upgrade/update releases and hot fixes for licensed and compliant software X X X  
24x7 Live Answer support with defined Service Level Targets Uses a tier-less support model so that each incoming case is immediately assessed for complexity by a Product Support expert and routed to the right certified professional to manage through restoration X X X  
Remote diagnostics Leverages industry-standard tools to remotely troubleshoot and assist with the investigation, resolution, and root cause processes X X X  
Knowledge base access Web-based repository of documents to share, answer questions, list best practices, & minimize effort toward resolving of known issues X X X  
Tech tutorials Provides knowledge, insights, and Q&A into the more advanced operations of the Genesys portfolio; recorded & delivered multiple times per year X X X  
Genesys Community Participate in forums, post questions, and exchange ideas X X X  
Chat with Product Support Case Owner Offers chat via computer or mobile device so that your Designated Contacts can chat directly with Genesys Case Owners about your cases X X X  
Mobile device access Handle open cases using the app (iOS and Android) X X X  
Troubleshooting tools including          
Workbench  A suite of troubleshooting tools to help ID and resolve issues faster X X X  
Log File Management Tool (LFMT) Stores app log files, quickly search and retrieve log files, scrub sensitive info before sending log files to Product Support   X X  
Log File Retrieval Service Allows Product Support to retrieve log files for you when investigating an open case. (Requires LFMT)   X X  
Remote Alarm Monitoring (RAM) Leverages intellectual property, tools, and best practices to prevent and mitigate issues before they occur. Receive notifications when Genesys detects supported critical and major alarms as well as proactive Product Support support if needed   X X X
Designated case management Monitors and updates your staff proactively regarding critical cases, participates in weekly case status calls, summarizes case activity on a quarterly basis and learns your environment and business needs to make relevant recommendations   X X  
Enhanced response targets Delivers accelerated response targets over Business Care service level targets; in addition, for critical, high, and medium severity service issues, response targets are improved by 50%   X X  
Technical Account Manager (TAM) Works as a designated advisor who establishes and maintains an understanding of your business goals, operations and priorities and acts as a main point of contact to drive risk mitigation and issue resolution, advise on training and manage regular reviews to discuss open issues and future project/product feature implementation planning     X X
Annual troubleshooting training session Genesys provides 1 annual troubleshooting workshop which equates to 5 free days of Genesys University training for one customer contact     X  
Upgrade advisor Provides a review of the software currently installed in the production environment compared with the latest available releases to identify potential issues in current versions, and highlight whether new release capabilities, functions, features and options could be beneficial     X  
Annual routing logic review IDs and mitigates risks associated with poor performance, invalid logic and inappropriate error handling; provides guidance on routing design, structure and documentation, and highlights any errors found; recommends options to make the logic more flexible, if necessary     X  
Support Architect (SA) Works as a designated advisor who establishes and maintains an understanding of your business goals, operations and priorities, and acts as a main point of contact for risk mitigation and issue resolution, advise on training and manage regular reviews to discuss open issues and future project/product feature implementation planning       X
Extended support Delivers advice and best effort error investigation and rectification on the configuration and operation of the end of service (EOS) software       X
Custom app support Delivers support for custom-developed modules, applications, and solutions developed by Genesys and selected partners       X
Special event support Provides preferred status attention from select Product Support resources during special events       X