NOTE: This article is intended for use by Genesys Partners who have sold Genesys services to their customers. If you are a Direct Customer, please review Designated Contacts Overview instead.

Your organization needs to specify at least one individual who can validate and approve access requests to the My Support Portal. Reach out to to assign or to ask for help to identify Designated Approvers for your organization or your customers.

  • Approver(s) are required to be fully aware of team roles and responsibilities and be able to determine if a person is expected to engage with Genesys Product Support.
  • The approver(s) can be the same across all your Genesys deployments, or you can specify unique approver(s) for each deployment. It is highly suggested that they be Designated Contacts themselves, but not required.
  • Approver(s) will be recipients of emails asking to verify and approve individuals requesting access to the My Support Portal. A positive or negative response to said email will suffice.
  • If there are multiple approvers, a response from one approver will be enough.
  • When Designated Approvers directly create these requests, they will be treated as automatically approved.