Implementations must be VoIP-ready

A pre-implementation network assessment must be successfully completed and validated, thus confirming the network is VoIP-ready.

QoS must be enabled and the network performance must conform to these parameters:

  • Latency must be less than 150ms.
  • Jitter should be less than 30ms.
  • RTP traffic needs to be marked with the DSCP set as EF and should be processed as such in the priority queue.
  • SIP traffic needs to be marked as it enters the network and should be marked with DSCP as CS3 and should be honored throughout the network path.
  • No more than 1% loss in any RTP stream.
  • Your network must meet the bandwidth requirements of the codecs used.

Genesys reserves the right to withhold support for VoIP implementations until these items are completed. Genesys also reserves the right to ask customers/partners for documentation of these items prior to providing support. Please contact your Technical Account Manager if you have any questions.

Notify Product Support prior to cutover

We have provided a notification process to alert our after-hours engineers to the possibility of support activity during non-business hours resulting from scheduled pre-production system verification. Pre-production system verification includes:

  • New installations
  • Upgrades to an IC Server (including new versions and Service Updates)
  • Integrating additional equipment or CO lines

Customers in the final stages of pre-production are asked to notify the Product Support team at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled date. This allows the Systems Engineers on call to be prepared for anticipated after hour support activity. Any application changes, feature changes, or other system modifications should be created and tested in your development environment off the customer’s premises. Calls for these types of changes will be accepted during normal business hours.

  1. To reach Product Support, complete the following Scheduled pre-production verification checklist checklist:
    • Technician Name _________________________________________________
    • Product Line (i.e. PureConnect) ______________________________________
    • Installation Date _________________________________________________
    • Cut Over Date __________________________________________________
    • Site Contact Info _________________________________________________
    • Vendor Contact Information ________________________________________
    • Please confirm that the following items have been reviewed and verified:
    • In-house wiring complete
    • Network connectivity issues
    • Network rights/privileges
    • Email Server User configurations
    • IC Installation, Implementation and Administration
    • IC Handler testing/migration complete
    • IC and 3rd party integrations involved (include switch equipment, channel banks, CSUs, etc.)
    • Site Configuration – as much detail as possible (i.e. call flows) etc.
    • Please include the following information.
    • Customer name and site
    • CO line configuration
    • List current products and versions Installed
    • List planned products and versions to be Installed
    • Network topology diagram (including telephony and data)
    • UM platform
    • Signature ______________________________________________________________
  2. Send the completed form to: