Priority is defined as the customer-designated level of importance and is used as a weighting factor when defining the severity level of an incident. Severity is defined as the impact an issue has on the customer’s ability to conduct business.

  • Critical: The customer is experiencing a severe problem resulting in an inability to perform a critical business function. There is no workaround.
    • NOTE: If you have a critical outage, call for phone support.
  • High: The customer can perform job functions, but performance is degraded or severely limited.
  • Medium: The customer’s ability to perform job functions is unaffected, but noncritical functions or procedures are unusable or hard to use. 
    • A workaround is available.
  • Low: Genesys Cloud is available and operational; trivial impact to customer’s business operations or customer requires information or assistance on the Genesys Cloud Service capabilities or configuration.