The following checklist identifies tasks that you need to complete prior to opening a case with Genesys Product Support. Describe all actions you have undertaken to solve the issue.

  • Check the PureConnect Resource Center to search for relevant information that may help solve the problem.
  • Check the applicable Service Advisories posted on My Support.

If the problem still exists, ask these additional questions and provide what information you can when you submit a support case: 

  • What specifically is happening or is not happening? 
  • How do you feel the behavior should be different? 
  • Under what circumstances does behavior manifest? 
  • Does it work sometimes, all the time, or none of the time? 
    • Does it work for many people but not everyone?
    • Is it only malfunctioning for one person?
    • Does it only happen when utilizing one gateway, workgroup, IC Server, or Media Server?
    • If you swap equipment and users, what happens to the issue? 
  • Can we get a full account of all recent changes? 
    • These changes can include any to the server hardware or software, the network, customizations, the carrier, the IT (Information Technology) infrastructure (domain controller, DNS (Domain Name System) server, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server, e-mail server, DB (Data Backup) server, etc.). 
  • Was the system under excessive load at the time of the occurrence? 
    • Ensure Performance Monitoring is always in place.