When you submit a new case, provide as much detailed information as possible. This will help route the case to the correct Product Support team for faster investigation. 

  1. Login to My Support
  2. If you have access to multiple product Dashboards, you can switch between them by expanding the dropdown list and selecting the applicable Platform. 
  3. From your My Support Dashboard, go to Cases > Open a Support case.  
  4. Select the End User and Sold To Account combination for which you are submitting the case.  
    • NOTE: Only End User or Sold To Accounts for which you have Designated Contact access will be available in the lookup lists. 
  5. Select the Product Category and the relevant Product. Complete the required information then click Next
    • NOTE: There are different submission requirements for various products or platforms. You may see different fields that are required that differ between Genesys Engage, Genesys Cloud, PureConnect. 
  6. Select the appropriate Case Sub Type and Priority level.  
  7. Populate the remaining mandatory fields.  
    • NOTE: Provide as much detail as possible in the Description and Business Impact fields to help us correctly route your case to the appropriate product specialist. 
  8. Click Save.