Elasticsearch authentication provides improved security for the back-end Workbench storage, essentially requiring a username and password to access the Elasticsearch data.

Elasticsearch authentication is not enabled by default and can be enabled through the Workbench UI post installation.
Elasticsearch handles authentication/authorization by using File-based user authentication. All the data about the users for the file realm is stored in two files on each node in the cluster: users and users_roles. Both files are located in Elasticsearch config directory and are read on startup.

The users and users_roles files are managed locally by the node and are not managed globally by the cluster. This means that with a typical multi-node cluster, the exact same changes need to be applied on each and every node in the Workbench cluster, as such, any change from the Workbench UI will be reflected automatically in all other nodes in the cluster.


  • The customer must generate the respective Host/Server Certificates.
  • TLS settings should be configured on the Workbench Hosts Objects that are running the Elasticsearch component (e.g., WB_Elasticsearch_Primary, WB_Elasticsearch.2, WB_Elasticsearch.3.).
  • A copy of Host TLS Certificate must be copied to the respective Elasticsearch configuration directory (e.g., /opt/Genesys/Workbench_9.x.xxx.xx/ElasticSearch/config) in all Workbench Elasticsearch nodes.).



  • All Workbench components will be restarted post enabling Elasticsearch Authentication, therefore Workbench Application statuses will be Red/Down for up to ~3 minutes.
  • Elasticsearch Authentication can be enabled either pre of post Cluster formation; configurations are sync'd automatically to the Additional Elasticsearch nodes when enabled via the Primary Elasticsearch node

Recommended Procedure

Recommended procedure to enable Workbench Elasticsearch Authentication (Elasticsearch Cluster):

  • Install all Workbench Elasticsearch nodes
  • Enable TLS on each Workbench node
  • Form Workbench Elasticsearch Cluster
  • Enable Elasticsearch Authentication