1. Login to My Support.
  2. Click Continue to your Dashboard button.
  3. On the Dashboard screen, select the Apps and Tools tile.
  4. On the Apps and Tools screen, select the Workbench tile.
  5. On the Genesys Care Workbench screen, click Download Workbench link.
  6. On the Terms and Conditions screen, click the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Download.
  7. On the zip screen, click Download again.
  8. The result of the above is, depending on the target Workbench host(s) Operating System, a locally downloaded:
    • file
    • file


The WB Configuration Console allows the user to manage, configure and view the state/status of the WB components.

WARNING: Use the Delete option with extreme caution; please read and understand these instructions before proceeding:

  • This will permanently delete the WB Host Object from the WB UI and also backend configuration
  • The WB Delete action will NOT delete the respective binaries from the host; that will be a manual task via the respective host post deleting in the WB UI
  • WB Primary Host deletion is NOT supported - only WB Additional Hosts/Nodes can be deleted
  • Pre-Cluster formation
    • Delete WB Secondary WB Host object from configuration page under Host section
      • ALL associated WB component config data will be permanently removed
      • Now and only when the WB Host is deleted, delete the associated Hosts WB Application component config objects one-by-one under Applications section
  • Post-Cluster formation WB Host deletion is NOT recommended

Sub menus


Gain an at-a-glance overview of the state, status and content of the WB components and features


System Data Retention Period - this applies to the data stored within WB and the duration for which its stored; if this setting is enabled, data will be permanently deleted post this value; the default is Enabled and 30 days

NOTE: Data Retention values not updated in real-time when viewing this page

Alarm Expiration - this applies to the WB Active Alarms duration, if not resolved, if this setting is enabled, WB alarms (not Genesys Engage) will be automatically closed post this value - i.e. to avoid manually clearing 100 Channel Monitoring active alarms, they would be automatically cleared post this value; the default is Enabled an 172800 seconds (2 days)

NOTE: Alarm Expiration values not updated in real-time when viewing this page

Session Expiration - this applies to the timeout of sessions; Users will be auto logged out of WB if/when a new request is greater than the Session Expiration; if/when the Session Expiration setting is unchecked/disabled, Users will never be auto logged out


  • These are either WB hosts or Engage hosts
  • Engage hosts will only be present if the WB Agent is installed on the respective Engage host (i.e. SIP Server host)
  • Only deploy the WB Agent on Engage hosts that you wish to ingest metric data (CPU/RAM/DISK/NETWORK) from
  • This Configuration section allows read-only visibility of WB Host Objects
    • The WB Host objects can be:
    • Deleted (i.e. should there be a need to move/re-install WB Additional components to a new Host/Server)


  • In WB 9.1 there are 8 x WB Application Objects:
    • WB IO (for WB UI and integration to Genesys Engage including the Channel Monitoring feature)
    • WB Agent (for WB status, control and configuration - in WB 9.0 WB Agents are ONLY installed on WB hosts, not Genesys Engage hosts)
    • WB Elasticsearch (for WB storage)
    • WB Kibana (for WB UI)
    • WB Logstash (an ETL pipeline primarily relating to WB Agent Metric data ingestion)
    • WB Heartbeat (for WB component health monitoring)
    • WB Metricbeat (for Host/Process Metric data ingestion in conjunction with the WB Agent component)
    • WB ZooKeeper (for WB configuration)
  • This Configuration section allows visibility and management of the Application Objects above
    • The Application Objects can be:
      • Renamed (i.e. WB_IO_Primary to APAC_WB_IO_P)
      • Edited (i.e. change the [WB_Kibana_Primary\HTTP Port] setting from the default 8181 to 9191)
      • Deleted (not the WB Primary host Applications)


  • The Data-Center(s) name(s) are provided during WB installation and will be displayed according to the value(s) entered


  • The WB Audit Console is similar to the Changes Console but also provide visibility of WB User Logins/Logouts; the Audit events will also evolve overtime
    • NOTE: Audit events are not updated in real-time when viewing this page