Workbench Visualizations is an analysis and visualization component that enables the user to create real-time and historic visualizations of ingested data; which are then used to build Dashboards to present the data.

Access Visualizations

  1. Click Visualize on the Workbench top navigation bar.

Visualizations functionality

With Visualizations you can:

  • Create new Visualizations from the shipped Genesys General and Genesys Health-Maps Visualization Types
  • Create new Visualizations from the standard Kibana Visualization Types
  • Search for Visualizations
  • Save Visualizations
  • Share Dashboards
  • Clone/Copy Visualizations
  • Edit/Customize Visualizations
  • Arrange Visualizations within the Dashboards.
  • Gain monitoring and troubleshooting insights from the shipped Visualizations and newly created Visualizations.
  • Use and learn from shipped example Visualizations.
  • View the shipped Visualizations within the shipped Dashboards.

Visualizations types

These Visualizations are included in the shipped Workbench Dashboards for context.


  • Alarms
    • All Source Active Alarms
    • Workbench Active Alarms
    • Genesys Engage Active Alarms
  • Changes
    • All Source Changes
    • Workbench Changes
    • Genesys Engage Changes
  • Channel Monitoring
    • Active Alarms
    • Call Flow Configuration
    • Today's Call Flow Tests Summary
  • Remote Alarm Monitoring
    • Alarms Sent to RAM Service
  • System Status & Health
    • Workbench Status Summary
    • Workbench Agents
    • Channel Monitoring
    • Remote Alarm Monitoring
    • Genesys Engage Integration
    • Data-Centers
    • Auditing
    • General
  • Workbench Summary
    • Workbench Applications
    • Workbench Hosts
  • Genesys Engage Summary
    • Genesys Engage Applications
    • Genesys Engage Hosts
    • Genesys Engage Solutions
    • Genesys Engage HA Pairs


  • Applications (Workbench and Genesys Engage)
  • Hosts (Workbench and Genesys Engage)
  • Genesys Engage Solutions

Create a new Health-Map

NOTE: In Workbench 9.0 Health-Maps can only be created for Genesys Engage Hosts, Applications and Solutions; Workbench Health-Maps cannot be created.

  1. Navigate to Visualize from the top Workbench navigation bar.
  2. Click the + button.
  3. Select Genesys Health-Maps.
  4. Ensure Genesys Engage Applications is selected for the Health-Map Type.
  5. Check the relevant Genesys Engage Chat Applications you want displayed in the Health-Map.
  6. Click the Apply Changes button.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Provide a Visualization name (e.g., lab_apps_HM).
  9. Click Confirm Save.
  10. Click Dashboards.
  11. Click Create new dashboard.
  12. Click Add to add a Visualization to this Dashboard.
  13. Find and click the HM_Chat_Applications.
  14. Click the X to close the Add Panels dialog.
  15. The HM_Chat_Applications Visualization has now been added to the Dashboard.
  16. Click Save.
  17. Provide a lab_apps_db and click Confirm Save.

Kibana Visualizations types

In addition to the shipped Genesys Visualization Types, the user can also leverage the standard Kibana Visualization types such as Area, Horizontal Bar, Line, Metric, Pie, etc.

NOTE: Workbench Dashboards and Visualizations leverage the Elastic Kibana component, please review the Kibana documentation for detailed guidance.