The Workbench Configuration Changes Console is a dedicated console that displays a real-time statistics summary as well as a data-table of historic Workbench and Engage Configuration Changes.

NOTE: Currently Workbench is limited to tracking/displaying Engage CME Host, Application, and Solution objects only; all other CME objects are not monitored by Workbench.

The statistics summary being Configuration Changes that occurred Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month for:

  • All Source Changes; Changes from Workbench and Engage
  • Workbench Changes; Changes only from Workbench
  • Genesys Engage Changes; Changes only from Engage

The Changes Console also provides a real time data-table of historic Changes, from either Workbench and Engage (All Source Changes), Workbench only Changes or Engage only Changes; the Changes data-table provides the following functionality:

  • Columns
    • Generated - the generation DateTime of this Change event
      • Note: Timestamps are stored in UTC and translated to local time based on the Users Browser Time-Zone
    • Config Object - the particular Object of this Change event
    • Changed Item - the Item of this Change event
    • New Value - the new value of this Change event
    • ChangedBy - the User who actioned the change
    • Data-Center - the associated Data-Center
    • ID - the internal ID of this Change event
    • DB ID - the internal DB ID of this Change event
  • Export
    • PDF or XLS
  • Column Visibility
    • Show/Hide columns
  • Normal/Full-Screen
  • Column Reordering
    • move columns left or right within the data-table
  • Column Search/Filter
    • Filter data-table events based on DateTime, drop-down or text searches
  • Column Sort
    • Generated and Sent to RAM Service

Changes Console ChangedBy field for Engage Changes

For the Changes Console ChangedBy field to be accurate (not N/A), the following Engage configuration is required:

  • A connection from the respective Engage Configuration Server or Configuration Server Proxy to the Engage Message Server that Workbench is connected to.
  • If not already, standard=network added to the log section of the Configuration Server or Configuration Server Proxy that Workbench is connected to.

Changes Console and Workbench Data-Center Synching

WARNING: Post a Workbench Data-Center sync, existing Workbench Changes will be synced based on the Workbench Retention Period; Engage Changes will not be synched because each Workbench Data-Center IO component has it's own integration to the Engage Configuration/Message Server components and therefore synching is not required.