The Workbench Alarm is a dedicated console that displays a real-time statistics summary of active alarms, as well as a real-time data-table of active and historic alarms.

The statistics summary displays Total, Critical, Major and Minor metrics for:

  • All Source Active Alarms - from Workbench and Genesys Engage
  • Workbench Active Alarms - from only Workbench
  • Genesys Engage Active Alarms - from only Genesys Engage

The real time data-table displays the below listed details of all alarms, be those active or closed. Every column is provided with a sorting/searching option based on its data type, which makes the alarm identification much easier.

The different data information of an alarm is segregated as columns in the data-table.

  • Generated - The date and time of an alarm generation.
    • NOTE: Timestamps are stored in UTC and translated to local time based on the Users Browser Time-Zone
  • Status - Indicates if the alarm event status is Active/Closed.
  • Severity - Denotes the severity of the alarm event. It can be Critical, Major or Minor.
  • Alarm Message - The message about the alarm event in text format.
  • Host - The name of the Host/Server associated to the alarm event.
  • Application - The name of the application associated to the alarm event.
  • Data-Center - The name of the Data-Center associated to the alarm (Workbench only not Engage) event.
  • Sent to RAM Service - The date and time by when the alarm event was sent to the Genesys Remote Alarm Monitoring (RAM) Service.
  • Expiration - The time (in seconds) by when the alarm event will automatically expire/clear.
  • Cleared - The date and time at when the alarm event was cleared.
  • ID - The internal ID of the alarm event.

The real time data-table is also equipped with the following buttons for easy sort, filter and export options.

  • Show only Active Alarms - A filter to show only the active alarms available
  • Export - Gives the option to export the data-table in either PDF or Excel format
  • Column Visibility - Gives the option to show/hide the columns that you prefer.
  • Normal/Full-Screen - To toggle between the normal and full screen mode.
  • Column Reordering - Allows to move columns left or right within the data-table.
  • Column Search/Filter - Filter data-table events based on Date & Time, drop-down filter or text searches
  • Column Sort - Generated and Sent to RAM Service

An example Workbench Alarm Console shown below:

Alarm Console and Workbench Data-Center Synching

WARNING: Post a Workbench Data-Center sync, only Active Alarms will be synced; Engage Alarms are not synched because each Workbench Data-Center IO component has it's own integration to the Engage Solution Control Server (SCS) component and therefore synching is not required.