Genesys Workbench (WB) 9 is a monitoring, testing, troubleshooting and remediation solution, with a suite of tools to assist with the operational monitoring, management and troubleshooting of Genesys platforms.

Please review the User Guide before installing WB.

NOTE: Prior to downloading Workbench, you must accept the Terms and Conditions.

Key features in version 9.2

  • A new Workbench UI enabling richer Dashboard and Visualization capabilities providing an at-a-glance view of Genesys platform health and status.
  • View Genesys Engage Alarms via the Workbench Alarms Console, complimenting existing products such as Genesys Administrator Extensions (GAX).
  • View Genesys Engage Changes via the Workbench Changes Console, enabling greater context and perspective of Genesys Engage Application Object changes.
  • Leverage Workbench Channel Monitoring to create and schedule voice test calls to proactively identify potential interaction and routing issues before your customers are impacted; this feature can test Genesys voice call flows ensuring your service is functioning as designed and alerting you when issues are encountered.
    • Workbench Channel Monitoring integrates directly to the Genesys SIP Server and not the SIP Server Proxy
  • Take advantage of the Workbench Remote Alarm Monitoring Service, when activated, the customers on-premise Workbench instance sends specific Alarms to Genesys Customer Care, this alarm interaction is intelligently routed to a Genesys analyst who will then proactively create a Support Case and will liaise with the customer accordingly to resolve the issue(s); the alarms can also be sent to the Genesys Mobile App if subscribed.
  • View Audits via the Workbench Configuration/Auditing Console, enabling similar context to Changes with added detail such as Workbench Login/Logout events.
  • Ingest Metric data events, via the Workbench Agent(s), for analysis, troubleshooting and operational insights
  • Explore and observe metric data event insights via Workbench Dashboards and Visualizations
  • Create your own custom metric data event Dashboards and Visualizations
  • Analyze the raw ingested metric data events via the Workbench Discover Console
  • Search/filter for particular metrics, components, values etc
  • Anomaly Detection Workbench Insights feature that will be autonomously and predictively raise anomalies based on the ingested Metric data

Current version of Workbench

Prior versions of Workbench

In specific scenarios where an older release is needed, open a request case with Product Support.

Workbench Anomaly Detection (AD) add-on

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