To prevent unnecessary alarm notifications and troubleshooting, Product Support should know in advance when you have scheduled Maintenance Windows so that we can suppress alarms during that time.

NOTE: All Maintenance Window requests, whether new or revised, must be submitted 2 working days prior to it taking effect.

To notify us of an upcoming Maintenance Window:

  1. Create an email with the following:
    • Subject: Alarm Monitoring - Maintenance Window
    • Account name
    • Site name
    • Date (MM:DD:YYY) and Time (HH:MM TIME ZONE) of maintenance
  2. Send the email to:

NOTE: Alternatively the Workbench RAM Service can be disabled via the Workbench>Configuration>Workbench IO>Remote Alarm Monitoring (RAM) Service section for the duration of the maintenance window; this would require a restart of the Workbench IO application so that the disablement would take effect.