Only Designated Contacts can request License Keys or User IDs.

NOTE: Please allow 48 hours for Product Support to process your request, after which you will receive your WB RAM license key via email.

  1. Login to My Support.
  2. Select Open Admin Case - located after selecting Manage Profile from the header.
  3. If asked, select your End User / Sold To Account combination.
  4. Populate each Mandatory Field with the required information.
  5. Add the text Alarm Monitoring License Request in the Subject line.
  6. In the Description box, provide your company public IP address.
  7. Also in the Description field, please provide a Group Email Address (e.g.,
    • When a case is opened as a result of an alarm, the email notification will be sent to this group email address.
    • It is required that at least one Designated Contact at your company be included in this group email.
    • The Designated Contact can be the same person who is requesting the Remote Alarm Monitoring License Key or a different Designated Contact at your company.
    • You may have more than one Designated Contact in the group email.
    • Other employees on the group email should consider requesting My Support Read-Only Access if they would like to view case details.
    • Please see the table below for details on My Support Access Levels and Privileges.
  8. Select Priority 4-Low and select case sub type Request: CC Tools License.
  9. Save your Admin case.