NOTE: Chat is only available for Genesys Engage on-premises and Genesys Cloud. You must be a Designated Contact to use the chat feature.

Chat gives Designated Contacts an additional option of engagement with the assigned Case Owner (or an available agent, if the case owner is unavailable) regarding the status of their Genesys Engage on-premises & Pure Engage Cloud Support cases. Chat is for case facilitation (quick questions or status updates) and not for live troubleshooting.


Product Support assigns Case Owners based on product knowledge that is available globally. You may have a Case Owner that is in a different time zone than you. In this instance, live Chat for that Case might not be available during your local business hours. In such situations, the chat will then be routed to an available agent. If both the case owner and the agents are unavailable, then after queuing for 60 seconds the chat window will present an option to leave a contact phone number. This number will be saved to the case, for the case owner to contact you. Management will also receive an email alert to inform them of the same. The contact number will also be included in the email alert.

  1. Open any open case.
  2. Navigate to the expand icon at the bottom of the screen and click the Chat icon to begin.
  3. At the Starting a chat prompt. tap Proceed.
  4. The chat window will automatically start loading. 
  5. If the case owner is available, you can directly begin the chat session. 
  6. If the case owner is not available, then the chat will be routed to an available agent.
  7. If both the Case Owner and the other agents are unavailable, you can leave a contact phone number for follow-up. 
  8. Once you have finished, end your session by tapping End Chat.
  9. After you end the chat, a transcript of the session will be emailed to you.