Biometric authentication allows you to use the biometric features of your mobile device as a method of login in place of the traditional email and password. 

Some biometric methods include: Fingerprint (Android), Facescan (Android), Face ID (iOS), Touch ID (iOS)

NOTE: You must have biometric authentication enabled and configured at the device before it will be available for the app.

Allow the app to use biometric authentication

After installing the app, you must allow the app-level access to biometric features of your device using the prompts.

  1. Open Genesys Care 2.0.
  2. At the prompt, tap OK (iOS), or scan your finger or face (Android).
  3. Once validated, you will be enrolled for biometric authentication at the app level.

Android Fingerprint example

iOS Face ID example

Toggle biometric authentication on or off

  1. Access  Settings within the app.
  2. Tap the toggle to the desired position.