Genesys Product Support will close a case for the following reasons: 

  • The proposed solution or answer provided by Product Support has been accepted by the customer 
  • The customer requests closure/cancellation of the case 
  • The Customer does not respond after three automated follow-ups, see Auto Follow-Up Process 

NOTE: All data in a closed case (including any logs or other customer files) is purged from My Support 30 days after the case is closed. 

Using the My Support webpage

  1. Login to My Support
  2. Go to Dashboard > Cases > View and Manage Cases
  3. Select a case. 
  4. Click the Close Case button. 
  5. Set the Sub Status to Resolved or Cancelled
  6. Enter your Closure Comment
  7. Select Close Case

Using the Genesys Care 2.0 App

  1. Select the case closure option from the expanded menu on the bottom of the case details screen.
  2. In the Case Closure window, select the appropriate reason for the closure then tap Submit.