When a customer experiences a call spike, or the utilization of other resources hits one of our thresholds, like memory usage, we can deploy more Cloud Edges into their environment via automation. Imagine if your computer was bogged down because of all of those pivot tables you’re working on, and you could tap the power of a second computer automatically, with no impact to your work! 

If your customer has Cloud Edges and they know they expect increased call volumes starting on a particular day, they can also open a proactive case with Product Support, and their environment can be ready for that spike in advance. Just give Product Support notice a week in advance, and we can help!

When an environment needs to be scaled up, Genesys Cloud tooling adds another 50% of the current Edge count (so if the customer has 8 Edges, we add another 4 Edges), and balance across those. If that isn’t enough, we evaluate and add another 6 Edges, and so on, until the spike is over. The environment is then scaled back down gracefully, after their spike is over, too.