Schedules can be assigned to Call Flows to enable recurring automated tests.

  1. Select Channel Monitoring > Call Flows from the Workbench navigation bar.
    • The existing Call Flows will be displayed in the Call Flow Summary table.
  2. To edit a particular Call Flow, select the Pencil button on that specific Call Flow row.
    • The Edit Call Flow page is displayed; the properties of the selected Call Flow will be populated accordingly.
  3. Select the Schedule tab
    • A Currently there are no Schedules associated with the Call Flow message is presented. i.e.: no Schedules are yet configured.
  4. Click Add Schedule to add a Schedule to the Call Flow
  5. From the drop-down list select the Schedule frequency; Every Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year
    • For the Every Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year frequencies further details are required such as Month, Day, Hour, Minute parameters
  6. Configure your Schedule as per your requirements
  7. Add more Schedules if needed
  8. Once complete, click the Save or Save & Close button.