Channel Monitoring (CM) Call Flows are the primary templates for testing voice call routing, be that a simple call to a SIP DN or a call that navigates through an IVR with DFMT and speech recognition functionality and finally connecting to a contact center agent.

A Channel Monitoring Call Flow defines the different Stages in which a call will execute against the system that is being tested.

  1. Select Channel Monitoring > Call Flows from the Workbench top navigation bar.
  2. Click the Add Call Flow to create a new Call Flow.
  3. Enter a unique name in the Call Flow Name field.
  4. Select the Call Flow Application from the dropdown list.
    • This is the Workbench IO application that will initiate the CM test calls
    • The Data-Center field will be auto populated based on the Data-Center of the WB IO application
  5. The mandatory Start Call and End Call Stages are pre-populated in the Call Flow Stages list.

Build a Call Flow

  1. To build a Call Flow that will test your specific routing requirement, simply drag and drop a Stage from the Stage Palette on the left into the Call Flow Stages list window.
  2. From within the Call Flow Stages list, click on a specific Stage to expand, display, and edit its properties.
  3. Call Stages can be reordered within the list by dragging them to the desired location.
  4. Perform the necessary Call Flow modifications to match the desired test of your call routing.
  5. Click the Save or Save & Close.

Edit a Call Flow

  • Cancel - cancels Call Flow Edit mode and redirects back to the Channel Monitoring Call Flow Summary page
  • Save - saves the current configuration and the user remains in edit mode
  • Save & Close - saves the current configuration and redirects the user back to the Channel Monitoring Call Flow Summary page
  • Green Tick - indicates this Stage has been fully configured
  • Note with Pencil - indicates this Stage has not been fully configured
    • As such this Call Flow will have a Draft State as opposed to a Ready State
  • Copy - copies (below) this Stage
  • Red X - deletes this Stage

NOTE: Every Call Flow requires its own dedicated SIP Server DN. For example if you plan to test 5 x Genesys SIP/GVP call flows then you will need 5 x SIP Server DN's for the Channel Monitoring Start Call Stage and its associated Caller User property.