The pairing process authorizes users and groups from one Genesys Cloud organization to work in another Genesys Cloud organization.


  • A Genesys partner can assist a client in configuring, managing, or troubleshooting Genesys Cloud.
  • A manager from a parent company can log in to a subsidiary organization to view usage reports.
  • An application developer or an independent consultant can log in to a client organization to assist with customizations.


  • Any organization can generate or receive pairing requests.
  • You can pair with any other organization in your region.
  • An organization can have multiple paired relationships, although each pairing can involve only two organizations. For example, a partner can have a separate paired relationship with each of its client organizations.


  1. Your organization generates a pairing request and sends it to the other organization
  2. The other organization approves the pairing request and grants the appropriate permissions to users from your organization
  3. Your organization, if necessary, promotes additional users to work in your organization
  4. The other organization, as appropriate, approves the additional users from your organization to work in the other organization
  5. Users from your organization log in to the other organization and perform requested work