Auth Orgs is Care's implementation of a Genesys Cloud feature called Authorized Organizations. ​

Care combines the Authorized Organizations feature with OneLogin and Genesys Cloud Orgs in each AWS region to create the Auth Orgs system. Through this system Care can perform tasks inside a customer's org in a way that the customer controls, using the same roles used to manage their internal users. With authorized organizations, you can establish a secure relationship with another Genesys Cloud organization. This relationship allows permitted users and groups from one organization to log in to another organization.

Manage the pairing between two Genesys Cloud organizations

Learn how two organizations become paired. Create and send a pairing ID to an organization you want to pair with. If you receive a pairing request, understand what it means to accept it. Remove access or delete a pairing if necessary.

Manage authorized users and groups

Allow users and groups from another Genesys Cloud organization to work in your organization and track their activity.

See your relationships 

See which organizations you can work in, and see who can work in your organization. 

Support Users and Cloned Users

Once pairing is completed, Care will access a customer’s Org in one of two ways:

  • Via a Support Org User​
  • Via a Cloned User​

Access granted to these users is controlled by the role(s) the customer assigns to the pairing link. ​Actions taken by Care using either a Support Org User or Cloned User are audited as the first & last name of the engineer taking the action.​ Support Org Users are for tasks such as checking configurations, running reports, or reviewing specific interactions.​ Cloned Users are for agent tasks such as placing/receiving calls or ACD interactions or using Genesys Cloud chat features.