The following information is outlined for Genesys Cloud only; not applicable to on-prem environments.


The following considerations must be followed or the test may be declined:

  • Limits
  • Time of Day
    • 11pm - 5am regional Friday & Saturday are preferred, business justification must be provided if other times are listed
    • NO testing is allowed during peak regional hours (6am - 9pm)
  • Testing Results: Testing is considered experimental and the outcome of the test cannot be guaranteed
  • Testing Execution: Genesys Cloud does not perform testing on behalf of our clients (single tenant orgs), but have recommended partners in AppFoundry

Helpful resources 

How to request a production load test

NOTE: Steps do not guarantee the test will be approved. 

  1. Requests must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.
  2. Complete the GenCloud Testing Form.
  3. Open a case with Product Support and provide the completed GenCloud Testing Form.