Yes, Genesys supports customers’ need to perform automated testing but it does not permit unauthorized automated testing.

Genesys has established an Automated Testing Support program to help support our customers that need to perform automated testing in the most effective manner. This program includes best practices guidance for testing. The guidance is based on knowledge gained from our direct experience and prior customers’ tests, in addition to test reviews. If you need to perform automated testing, work with your Genesys or partner team to learn about the Automated Testing Support program and review process.

Genesys performs extensive testing on all of our products and features. We want customers to have confidence in both Genesys Cloud and all the elements associated with every interaction. These elements can include data action integrations to customers’ systems, call delivery via the customers’ network, and more. Genesys performs extensive load testing at twice the peak regional load as part of our normal process. Genesys internal load testing uses automated (synthetic) transactions with the same traffic characteristics and capabilities observed in the production environment. Traffic includes inbound calls, outbound calls, chats, messaging, and more. 

Genesys continuously monitors Genesys Cloud and customer traffic for anomalies in production environments. Genesys Cloud organizations are configured with specific limits designed to safeguard services from abusive and unexpected traffic patterns, encourage efficient use of billable resources, and protect customers from unexpected usage. These limits are detailed here. Unusual traffic can be caused by automated testing, unauthorized load testing, abusive access, or possibly misconfiguration. Such anomalies may be perceived as a Denial of Service (DoS) or other attack against Genesys Cloud or an end customer. This traffic can generate alarms, resulting in page notifications to Genesys personnel and end customer personnel for notification/visibility, and incur other costs. Genesys must be notified and authorize all automated testing in advance.